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Dr. Stanley Sarnoff, M.D

STANLEY J. SARNOFF, M.D. 1917-1990 It was entirely typical of Dr. Stanley Sarnoff's ingenuity, generosity, and dedication to his profession that he created Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation, whose main goal has been to encourage outstanding medical students and physicians-in-training to pursue a research career in the cardiovascular sciences. Dr. Sarnoff, a graduate of Princeton University and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, was a scientist, entrepreneur and scholar who, early in his career, served as Assistant Professor of Physiology at the Harvard University School of Public Health. For a decade he was Chief of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Physiology at the National Heart Institute. He later founded Rodana Research Corporation and its successor, Survival Technology, Inc. (STI), a publicly traded company that was acquired in 1996. STI manufactured medical devices, including the Epi-Pen, Dr. Sarnoff's most recognized invention. At his death in 1990, Dr. Sarnoff's will named the Sarnoff Foundation the principal beneficiary of his Estate.

Lili-Charlotte Sarnoff

Mrs. Sarnoff is the widow of Dr. Stanley J. Sarnoff and an honorary member of the Board of Directors. She is a former co-worker and co-author of many of Dr. Sarnoff's scientific papers. Mrs. Sarnoff was the first president of Rodana Research Corporation, the forerunner of STI. She is a sculptor and most recently the President and founder of Arts for the Aging, Inc., a not-for-profit organization which teaches art in senior day care centers in the Greater Washington area. Mrs. Sarnoff still keeps close ties to the Sarnoff Fellows and continues to host a yearly get-together for the extended Sarnoff community.

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