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The Sarnoff Fellowship Program — The Ripple Effect

The Sarnoff Fellowship Program has had an incredible impact on my life. I would go so far as to say it has been the single most important factor in where I am today.
Sarnoff Fellow (1987-88)
Sarnoff Fellows are making substantial contributions to cardiovascular health and research with their cutting-edge discoveries and innovative approaches to patient care.

Since the funding of the first Fellow by Dr. Stanley J. Sarnoff in 1979, the effects of the Sarnoff Foundation's Fellowship program have spread widely influencing the field of cardiovascular research and serving as the "model " for student research training programs throughout the academic community.

Dedicating resources to young investigators with the promise to mentor them for life is a significant investment. This approach distinguishes the Sarnoff Fellowship program and attracts highly motivated and talented medical students from across the country.

To preserve Sarnoff's very selective, personalized research program and enhance professional development opportunities for Fellows and the alumni, additional resources are needed.
The Campaign for the Next Generation recognizes the accomplishments of the Sarnoff Fellowship Program over the past 30 years, and aims to increase the base of charitable support to ensure that the program continues to inspire physician-scientists for decades to come.

Please consider joining the spirit of founder Dr. Stanley Sarnoff by becoming a member of Stan's Circle of Patrons with a pledge over 3 years or a gift today to the Campaign for the Next Generation.

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