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Preceptor Information

The Sarnoff Preceptor hosts the Sarnoff Fellow. It is the Preceptor's responsibility to provide an appropriate research project for a Sarnoff Fellow and oversee the Fellow's research.

Preceptor Selection

It is not necessary for the Sarnoff Fellowship applicant to have developed a research project or to have identified potential Preceptors at the time of application.

Each Sarnoff Fellow is assigned an Advisor from the Sarnoff Scientific Committee once s/he has accepted the award. The Advisor will assist the Fellow in selecting a Preceptor who can direct a project in the area of the Fellow's interest. The subject matter of the project must fall broadly within the cardiovascular or cerebrovascular sciences. Fellows are instructed to visit several laboratories and to meet with prospective Preceptors prior to making a final selection. The Scientific Committee Advisor approves the Fellow's choice of laboratory and takes an active role in monitoring the Fellow's progress during the research year. This includes a site visit to meet with the Fellow and the Preceptor once the research is underway.

The Sarnoff Preceptor's responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Fellow in preparing a scientific research plan prior to the end of the first six weeks of the Fellowship
  • Discussing experiments each day with the Fellow, or selecting a senior laboratory colleague who can provide daily advice
  • Holding regular Laboratory Meetings and regular Journal Clubs in which the Fellow participates
  • Reviewing the Fellow's presentation for the Sarnoff Annual Scientific Meeting

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